Business Investment ENERGY

Energy, particularly Hydroelectric Energy, continues to play a key role which is one of the four important areas of GreenSpark Group because of its great contribution to socio-economic development to meet the higher-demand of electricity for modern life and manufacturing industry.

GreenSpark Group has marked stable steps to invest in Hydroelectric Energy with two hydropower projects has been in stable operation, one is under construction and many expansion plans in the future.

Business Investment REAL ESTATE

Real Estate has been always an important area that contributes great revenue to Nam Tien Group. Currently, GreenSpark has owned a variety of figure and prestigious projects in Lao Cai Province and others that received honor national and international awards.

Initially being a construction company, so GreenSpark Group has had the advantage in architectural design. Combining with intelligent market strategies, Nam Tien has brought good quality projects to satisfy the requirements of target customers.

Based on business expansion and sustainable development strategies, GreenSpark Group continuously focuses on market of residential real estate, resort real estate and next step will be office leasing.

Business Investment INDUSTRY

Being recognized the meaning of creating a huge amount of products for society and playing a key role to stimulate other areas, GreenSpark Group decided to invest and develop Industry as a core sector.

In Industry, GreenSpark continuously takes advantage in construction, construction materials and chemicals. Industry has contributed a stable and sustainable revenue to GreenSpark as well as promoting other areas.

Business Investment TRADING - SERVICES

Trading and services is a new investment area of GreenSpark Group but plays a key role in the business growth, which demonstrates a vision to adapt to economic trends and markets. Moreover, it is also an important connection to fulfill and promote the development of a multi-sector ecosystem that Nam Tien always aims for.